The Gregory Sylvia handbag brand is expanding.  Co-founders Gregory and Terri “Sylvia” Pope are excited about the upcoming launch of their latest collection.  With a focus on aesthetics to meet the standards of strength and elegance of the contemporary woman, Gregory Sylvia features cutting-edge product design and quality leathers.  The latest Gregory Sylvia collection will be available this summer at and other select retail locations.

Overall, Gregory Sylvia is poised to become a prominent brand in the luxury market.  Stay tuned as the Gregory Sylvia brand continues to expand its reach and the Popes continue to emerge as a couple to watch.


M D Thompson

M D Thompson said:

With the brights colors becoming the trend, would you consider creating matching all season skin fitting gloves that match a s a incentive gift that comes with your bags? Thi would help with discoloration of the handles nod bing back the ladylike persona.


Admin said:

Hi MD Thompson. Thank you for your comment. At this time there are no plans to include gloves in our product line. Perhaps with growth this can be a consideration for future collections.

Peculiar Threads

Peculiar Threads said:

Shalom! We are interested in offering black owned designer brands in our store & would love to offer your purses & bags! Do you currently offer wholesale pricing?

John Howard

John Howard said:

Do you wholesale your products?

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