What is GS Gives?

GS Gives is an initiative established by Gregory Sylvia that donates a portion of its online sales to an organization whose mission is geared towards alleviating a problem that affects people locally and/or nationally.  This year GS GIVES is contributing 5% of all net proceeds from online sales at GregorySylvia.com to the Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte, NC.

”The Urban Ministry Center is unyielding in helping Charlotte’s most vulnerable homeless neighbors. With the dedication of our volunteers and gifts from throughout the community, we’ve pursued this passionate mission since 1994.”

As residents of Charlotte, we chose the Urban Ministry Center as a local organization to support due to its astounding problem with homelessness. According to the Urban Ministry Center, in 2016 Charlotte had 2,014 homeless people in the city. We feel passionate about homelessness and believe that the Urban Ministry Center is leading a strong effort to end chronic homelessness in Charlotte.

Each day, the Urban Ministry Center serves around 500 people in Charlotte experiencing homeless and extreme poverty. The Urban Ministry Center provides these individuals with basic services and strategies to help them end their homelessness. Its focus is to

  • Increase access to and retention of affordable housing, with other supports
  • Increase access to income
  • Increase access to mental and physical health care, and reduce substance abuse
  • Increase community engagement around issues of homelessness

We hope that our contribution to the Urban Ministry Center will provide some assistance towards leading the effort to ending homelessness in the city of Charlotte.

For more information about the Urban Ministry Center please check out: http://www.urbanministrycenter.org/