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As some may already know, the Gregory Sylvia Family is growing.  We are excited to announce that Gregory Sylvia is expecting!  In June we will be welcoming a baby girl. As new growth brings new beginnings, it will also mean that there will be a new balancing act.  Having a new addition to the family definitely brings greater responsibilities.  There will now be an additional role of being a parent for the nurturing of a healthy child.  Since this is our first child we know we have taken on a big responsibility but we are thrilled and ready.

The question we get the most since announcing our newest blessing is “how will this affect your business”? Our response is always the same “because of her we are more motivated and more determined to be successful.”  We know there will be challenges trying to balance our travel schedule, meetings, etc. but we also know it will all be well worth it.  No one does it alone however.  We are always thankful for the family, friends, customers, and supporters who truly make everything possible.


Deborah Davis Carpenter

Deborah Davis Carpenter said:

Love and Prayers for your upcoming blessing. Enjoy the beautiful and healthy life God will give you for many years. You are a special couple to me. I will never forget when I met you at an AKA Regional. I purchased my beautiful bag in pink and have been saving my money to purchase the green one. Be Blessed!

Cheryl Moon

Cheryl Moon said:

Congratulations to you both on the new addition to the family. I’m glad to see my old GSU classmate and family doing so well. Beautiful craft you two have created. Wishing you many blessings.

Carla T

Carla T said:

Love your product line. I’m a journalist on the west coast. If do product samples would love to write about your product.

Teresa Larke Pope

Teresa Larke Pope said:

I love the Greek Delta Satchel purchased last Fall after meeting you at the Delta Convention in Washington last summer. Please increase your line of purses for Deltas. Congratulations on your success! As a Delta mother of 5 and the proud aunt and Godmother of a beautiful AKA , I feel a connection to you and wish you the best!!!


Cotina said:

Love my Delta Wallet and waiting to purchase a Crossbody Delta Bag, hope you will have it soon.

Blessings to you and your family!

Della Marie Marshall

Della Marie Marshall said:

I just received as a gift the crimson 1913 collection cross body bag. I love it!

Sharon Correll

Sharon Correll said:

I have searched for an African-American brand for so long ….

Adrienne p-k Washington

Adrienne p-k Washington said:

Congraudlations….is Olivia in the running for a name?

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